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Guido Klumpe

Photo artist

Minimalist Street Photography
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Coming Exhibitions:

  • Until June 2024: „Minimal City“, „Style Hannover“ e.V., Schwarzer Bär 4 - 3th floor, Hanover​, Germany

  • 24. Feb - 30. April: „(People in) Urban Landscapes“, "Home of X Gallery“, Nuremberg

  •  28. Feb - 5. March: Xposure Festival, Sharjah, UAE

  •  10.-12. March: „Image Nation“, New York, USA 

  • 24.-26. May „Honigschleuder Festival“, Hanover, Germany

  • 1. June - 6. October, 25th NordArt Art Festival, Büdelsdorf, Germany

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Hidden connections

Bling bling, 2020

People in urban landscapes




Juxta Positions



Guido Klumpe

German photographer Guido Klumpe’s work includes abstract, minimalist, and street photography. Born with a severe congenital visual impairment, he perceives the world differently.

Guido sees cities as urban landscapes, landscapes consisting of shapes, colors, light and reflections. He uses perspective, a particular point of view, and the poetry of chance in the old tradition of street photography, to create his compositions. This way, he creates a “stage” in which passers-by act as protagonists. His work highlights the mystery and absurdity of urban spaces while simultaneously revealing its hidden beauty. 
In his work, he investigates how we perceive dimensionality and is particularly interested in the moment of transition, when by reducing the optical reference points, three-dimensional architecture dissolves into a two-dimensional plane, lending many of his images an almost painterly quality. Considerations that arise during this process include the importance of information that helps establish a distinction between the foreground and background, and the type and number of objects involved.  
Guido’s work has won numerous international awards, has been widely published, and is included in many solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe.

Minimalist photo art
for your home.

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"Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul." - Pablo Picasso

Limited prints in the highest quality,
personally signed for you.

Let´s get in touch!

Guido Klumpe
Plaza de Rosalia 7
D-30449 Hanover



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