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Loosing one Dimension

In this series, Guido Klumpe explores the boundaries between the painterly and the photographic, as well as the transition between the three- and two-dimensional:


"For this ongoing series, I prefer to work in urban outskirts, where I find sober and intensely colored businesses and shopping centers. There I can combine layers of buildings by choosing the right angle of view. In the photographs, I explore the moment of transition in which three-dimensional architecture dissolves into the two-dimensional by reducing the optical reference points.

It is about the process of seeing: what information do I need to be able to say for sure what is foreground and what is background? Is this one object, or are there several that overlap? 
Is it painting or photography?
 I deliberately leave these works in the space between.

In doing so, I also thematize my own visual experience. Blind in one eye, with only 25% vision in the other, many daily situations are puzzling to me: Is that a dog in the meadow, or a plastic bag in the wind? Does the road continue after the corner of the house? I make this puzzlement experienceable in my photographs."

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