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Galerie vom Zufall und vom Glück, Hannover, und Kunstraum Benthe, 2023 © Guido Klumpe

Guido Klumpe - Vita and CV

Born in Osnabrück, Germany

             Visually impaired. Blind on left side, 25% sight 
on right eye

Photographic study trip through Southeast Asia

Organization of workshops on portrait photography and photo development 

Diploma in "Social Work", focus on work pedagogy,

Working and living in Hanover, Germany


Beginning of autodidactic photographic work


Single and double exhibitions:


  • Until June 2024: „Minimal City“, „Style Hannover“ e.V., Schwarzer Bär 4 - 3th floor, Hanover​, Germany

  • 24. Feb - 30. April: „(People in) Urban Landscapes“, "Home of X Gallery“, Nuremberg

  • June 13 - August 31: "Forwards to Backwards - Photographic research trip through Hanover" as part of the "Knäuel Kulturdreieck" of the city of Hanover


  • "Ins Blaue III-Architecture and contempary art" Hanover

  • Guest artist at the "Jesteburger Bürger*innen-Akademie für Kunst in öffentlichen Räumen", Jesteburg 

  • "Das Gemeinsame im Verschiedenen", Gallery "vom Zufall und vom Glück", Hanover.

"Urban Conundrums", „Gallery space BugeSchäfer", Hanover 

  • "Urban fragments", "Studio Stadt", Hanover 

  • "Minimal City", "Style Hannover" e.V.

  • "The enigmatic in the everyday", "Kunstraum Benther Berg", Benthe 


  • "People in urban landscapes", art space "J3FM" 


  • "People in urban Landscapes", Ministry of the Interior Hanover


  • "People in urban landscapes", space for photography, Hanover



Group exhibitions:



  • "Between Worlds", art gallery Intreal, Hamburg

  • "Lost in", art space J3FM, Hanover

  • "Neu im BBK", group exhibition, Eisfabrik, group exhibition, Hanover

  • 49th Detmold Art Days, group exhibition, Detmold

  • free. go. open. away“m BBK, Hanover

  • "Street sans frontieres 2023", Galerie Joseph le Palais, Paris 


  • "Street sans frontieres 2022", Galerie Joseph le Palais, Paris

  • "From the street - for the street" Co-organizer of the charity open air exhibition for the benefit of homeless people

  • Treviso Photographic Festival, Treviso, Italy

  • "24/9 Street", Gallery „J3FM“, Hanover


  • "3rd Digital Autumn Exhibition", Kunstverein Hannover

  • "TwoGether", Kunstforum S15, Hanover

  • "Photo Kiev Fair-Invisible Lives", Kiev, Ukraine

  • Treviso Photographic Festival, Treviso, Italy


  • "Urban Encouters", Haze Gallery, Berlin



HAZ, April 7, 2024: "Seven projects in the cultural triangle: Hanover gets new art in public spaces"


DOCU Magazin ´01´2023, Photo gallery

fotoMAGAZIN, ´02´2023 „Abstract photography" Workshop article

c´t Fotografie, ´05´2023 „Portfolio Guido Klumpe“, Interview and photo gallery

NDR-Hallo Niedersachsen, "The photo artist Guido Klumpe"


  • Gate 7-The Travel Podcast, ""It's not how much you see, it's how you see that matters!"

  • Style Hannover Magazine, "A two-dimensional world"

  • SAT 1 Regional, Jan. 17, 2022, "Guido Klumpe-Art with Handicap"

  • RTL Regional, "On the road with the almost blind photographer Guido Klumpe"

  • Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung Print, "The special look"

  • Neue Presse Hannover "Almost blind and still a photographer: Guido Klumpe lives his dream"

  • "Less is More II. The minimalist photography book", Editor: Jorge Pinto

  • Pictures Magazine, ´9´2022 „Juxtapositions“ Workshop-article



  • Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung Online, "Guido Klumpe: Almost blind, but a successful photographer".

  • TV channel "H1", magazine show about "Urban Art" by "Exporter". To be seen on the home page here

  • Minimalist Photography Awards, "Annual Book 2021"

  • "Less is More. The minimalist photography book", publisher: Jorge Pinto

  • Eyeshot Magazine, April 2021, portrait and photo series

  • All About Photography, "Best modern photographers of April 2021"

  • The Times, April 06, 2021, "In pictures-Winner of the All about photography magazine awards"

  • Open Eye magazine, issue 01/21, photo gallery

  • Streetphotography Berlin, "These Street Photographers from Germany will rule in 2021"

  • "Swiss Street Collective", interview and photo spread

  • Magazine Radius/30 Issue 01/2021, Portrait

  • Inoventa Awards, Annual Book, 2020

  • CHIIZ Magazine, issue 45, December 2020, photo spread

  • Minimalist photography awards, Annual Book 2020




  • Street Sweeper Magazine, issue #5 "In Color - The best 101 Photographers"

  • Streetphotography Foundation, gallery of the best street photographers

  • SOS-Soul of Street, issue #24, interview and photo spread

  • EYE-Photomagazine, issue #06: cover, interview and photo gallery




  • Lensculture, photo spread



Fine Art Photo Awards, 2nd place in the "Professional Abstract" category, honorable mention in the "Street photography" category

BNW Minimalism Awards, Finalist

Brussel street photography Festival, Finalist



Minimalist Photography Awards,  „Fine Art Photograph of the year“, honorable mentions in the categories "Street" and "Abstract"

Paris Street Photography Award, Special mention, Finalist


  • Fine Art Photo Awards, winner in the category "Professional Street", honorable mention in the category °Professional abstract".

  • Lensculture - Critics Choice Award

  • Life Framer-Youth award, finalist

  • Urban Photo awards „Selected"

  • Minimalist Photography Awards, first place in the category "Open", honorable mentions in the categories "Street", and "Abstract"

  • Duane Michals MA-g Awards, Winner

  • The Fc'Diary Photo Magazine Award, Finalist

  • Paris Street Photography Award, Goldmedal in the category „Street Art“ and finalist




  • Minimalist Photography Awards, runner up in the "Abstract" category, honorable mentions in the "Street", and "Abstract" categories.

  • Urban Photo awards semi-finalist in the category "Projects and Portfolios".

  • Fine Art Photo Awards, 2nd place in the category "Professional abstract".

  • Life Framer, Color Awards, Honorable mention

  • All about Photography - Shadow Awards, 3rd place



  • Le prix de la Photography de Paris, Special Mention

  • Democratic Photo Award, Finalist

  • Paris Street Photography Award, Silver Medal in the category "Urbex and Minimalism" and Finalist

  • Minimalist Photography Awards, Two Honorable Mentions in the "Abstract" Category




  • German Streetphotography Festival, 3rd place in the single image category.

  • Paris Street Photography Award, gold medal in the category "Urbex and Minimalism"


  • Art calendar "Hannover Minimal", 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

  • "Photography in the city", Rheinwerk-Verlag, Bonn, 2022, ISBN: 3836286807 


  • BenQ Germany

  • Xiaomi World

  • Fujifilm Germany

  • ArtXville Germany

  • White Wall Germany

  • Artothek Hannover


  • Unposed Society Hannover, Streetphotogrphy-Collective, Founding Member

  • "VG-Bild Kunst"

  • Association of Visual Artists (BBK) Germany

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