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People in urban landscapes

The genre of street photography emerged in the early years of the 20th century and became popular with the advent of the first 35mm cameras in the 1930s. The first great figure of street photography is Hernri Cartier-Bresson.

Guido Klumpe's street photography has a distinctive minimalist style.

"In unposed scenes on graphic stages, it often humorously shows the tension between people and urban architecture.


"I was caught early on by the fascination of street photography on my first trip through Southeast Asia in 1993. The poetry of the decisive moment turns successful photos into timeless documentations. I don't know how many thousands of kilometers I've walked-always looking for that next, unique moment where everything is right and comes together."

Other series:

Behind the door.jpeg

Two and a half dimensions

Connected XV.jpeg

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Senso II.jpeg

Minimal City




Reflected Shapes


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