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Choose your signed and limited favorite picture
in one of the three versions: 

1. On Hahnemühle artist paper

The Hahnemühle company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional artist paper. 

Photo Rag paper is by far the best for minimalist photography.
It consists of 100% cotton, is absolutely matt and UV-resistant and its fine texture underlines the painting-like impression of my work.

Together with the most modern 12-color digital print you get intense colours, a deep black, impressive contrasts and perfect reproduction of details.
This is how your pictures come into their own.

You can order your desired motif as a pure print and frame it according to your ideas.

Anker 1

2. Lamination on Alu-Dibond

In recent years, Alu-Dibond has established itself as another high-quality form of presentation alongside the classic picture frame.

Your motif is not printed directly onto the board, but the Hahnemühle artist paper is fixed to the board, i.e. "laminated". The difference in quality is impressive!

Your image consists of five layers:

  1. The artist paper

  2. Thin aluminum layer

  3. Core made of stable polyethylene

  4. Thin aluminum layer

  5. Aluminum frame for easy hanging

Advantages of Alu-Dibond compared to picture frames:

  1. Reflections from glass are avoided.

  2. The plate is light and thin (3-4 mm) and yet very dimensionally stable.

  3. With the included hanging frame, the pictures appear to "float" at a distance from the wall. The presentation appears light and focused on the picture.